Resumé / CV

What I am:

  • An industrial plant commissioner - I have all the right experience to work with the control system and the right technical people to get things working.
  • An internet of things fan - I enjoy connecting things and seeing data transverse from the physical, to data payload, to usable information.
  • A designer - I can take an idea and complete it from design to implementation.
  • A builder - I like to get my hands dirty, build something, wire something, program something.
  • Thorough - I like it done right, whether its software or hardware.
  • Jack of all trades - I like to learn, I don’t like to not be able to do something.

Industrial Experience

I’ve worked in and around industrial sites for most of my career.

  • Ex Foxboro DCS service engineer
  • Ex Foxboro / Invensys technical sales
  • Extensive commissioning experience in mining, water and power industries.
  • Ability to adapt to most PLC / HMI / DCS platforms.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation knowledge and experience to communicate effectively with site teams.

IOT / Software Engineer Experience

I’ve done lots with these technologies.

  • Python
  • Node-Red / Javascript
  • Docker, docker-compose, docker-machine
  • Ubuntu as an application server
  • Cloud application deployments (preference to DigitalOcean)
  • Modbus
  • LoraWAN
  • Serial comms
  • Network configuration
  • Git
  • InfluxDB time series database and Grafana visualisation
  • SSH, NTP and other applicable services

Other Skills

  • Safety - In an industrial environment workplace safety is particularly important, from risk review to working safely I have an excellent track record.
  • Electrical Drafting & Design - have designed and drafted a myriad of electrical installations from schematics to general arrangement drawings.
  • IT - fluent with Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • White Card
  • Confined Space Advanced Worker
  • Low Voltage Rescue & CPR
  • Studied electronic engineering, internetworking and several vendor specific courses.

Work History

Please get in touch with me for a full CV with work history.